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Services:  Building Great Leaders

Executive Coaching/Leadership Development: 

While leadership development and training programs build required skills across an organization in a group setting, leadership/executive coaching is a key "accelerator" to acquiring required skills and overall leadership effectiveness by offering a targeted learning and development experience at the individual level.  There is no better way for leaders to acquire and enhance the skills necessary to become a successful leader and contribute in progressively meaningful ways to the organization. 
As leaders move through the levels of leadership, they increasingly need access to an objective third party in the form of a leadership coach. In our experience, coaching is most beneficial when a leader:
  • Is advancing to a new position                          
  • Has been identified as a rising star
  • Has difficulty getting results from his/her team                  
  • Is displaying leadership qualities but is not meeting performance goals
  • Lacks self-awareness about his/her impact on others

At the forefront of all LCSR Consulting Coaching is a clear agreement on the desired outcomes. What does this leader need to build upon? Improve? Explore? Achieve?  Equally important, we establish how to measure progress against those outcomes.   

 What We Do and How We Work With You 
  • Provide coaching to executives, leaders and high potential managers driving increased leadership effectiveness and performance
  • Establish focused development plans that align with desired coaching outcomes
  • Work collaboratively with internal experts to identify and develop core leadership competencies that drive organizational performance
  • Provide on-boarding/assimilation coaching and support ensuring success through accelerated learning and helping the leader avoid the common pitfalls and barriers that often derail leaders in transition
  • Provide skill based training programs and workshops to develop specific leadership competencies


 Here’s a sample of what we have accomplished in the area of Building Great Leaders: 
  • Coached a C-suite executive within a manufacturing organization. Coaching Focus: Increasing leadership presence and implementing an accountability and collaborative model to bring a talented team from good to great. Outcome: Recognized behavior change, a more proactive approach in leadership style, and an increased ability to face leadership challenges head on, driving company change and growth.
  • Executive coaching for the CFO of a consumer products company.  Coaching focus: Increased collaboration with key executives within the organization, increased directness in addressing strategy, and executive presence.

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