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Services:  Talent Management and Organizational Development

Talent Management and Organizational Development

Organizations today depend on their people more than ever--their capabilities, proficiency and performance. But with shifting business conditions, models, and strategies the keys to success change over time. So the question everyone wants the answer to is-- "how can we ensure that we have the right people in the right places doing the right things at the right time"? How do we keep our leaders and employees engaged and productive?

At LCSR Consulting, we believe the answer lies in ensuring that you have an effective talent management program in place with disciplined processes and procedures to deliver results.
Effective talent management is a growing priority at organizations worldwide. With competition for key talent on the rise, LCSR Consulting helps your organization ensure it has:

  • Leaders who can drive success in their organization’s unique context and culture
  • The people you need – now and in the future – to execute the business strategy
  • Effective teams that work well together to attain their objectives

To do this, we work with companies to help them implement proven talent management approaches and focus on consistently making the right talent decisions.                                               

What We Do and How We Work With You 
  • Work with companies to help them establish or enhance their talent management and succession planning processes
  • Support the leadership team to help them embrace progressive, proven approaches and sharpen their focus on selecting and developing talent for key positions
  • Assess and evaluate current organizational talent
  • Provide a process and tools for organizations to use to track and ensure over time that they have the leadership and organizational capacity required to achieve their strategy and goals
  • Work with teams and leaders to diagnose opportunities for improvement that enhances team effectiveness

Here’s a sample of what we have accomplished in the area of Talent Management/Organizational Development  

  • Drove the design and implementation of a global talent management system taking the process to the next level.  Expanded the concept of talent management introducing state of the art concepts and tying it more closely to the business strategy. The revised process was critical to achieving record top and bottom line growth.
  • One executive has said that “their wide range of the understanding of issues coupled with a true "team approach” makes them a tremendous asset to supporting executive teams.
  • Our leadership was instrumental in the process of vetting and acquiring talent and with the institutionalization of the talent management process that helped transform the company into what it is today.


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