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Services:  Leading Successful Change Efforts

Change Management:

Change is constant in organizations today and the pace and enormity of change that businesses are facing can make it difficult to keep everyone on the same page moving forward together.  Unfortunately, more change efforts fail than are successful due mainly to the lack of upfront planning in the areas of employee readiness, communication, training and leadership alignment.  LCSR Consulting helps organizations and their people adjust to change whether it is the introduction of a new technology, a change in processes or a switch in strategic direction.  

We have a proven track record of driving successful large-scale change efforts that improve the readiness and engagement of employees both during and after the change leading to desired results.  Our change management skills and experience help leaders create change teams that, with coaching and training, can develop and drive an effective change management implementation plan. Our collaborative team approach provides the foundation essential for a successful change and the creation of an aligned, high-performing organization.


What We Do and How We Work With You 

  • Provide advice, support and expertise about leading successful change
  • Facilitate working sessions and guide leaders, change agents, and change teams to develop and implement change management plans that work
  • Provide a disciplined approach that includes training and diagnostic tools to prepare the organization/team for the change effort
  • Ensure organizational alignment throughout the implementation of the change effort


Here’s a sample of what we have accomplished in the area of Change Management

  • We partnered with an executive team transforming a company toward excellence in operations, innovation and growth that required significant organizational and cultural change to enable success. Within three years, the organization went from flat growth and profits, to double digit growth.
  • One executive has said that “their ability to drive change and culture to achieve results is unique”.


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